At most investment firms,  a "Financial Advisor" is a broker, selling investment products and earning  commissions on the transactions. The advisor is held to a lower ethical standard commonly referred to as "Suitability" and only has a "Duty to Disclose and Know thy Customer".

Bristol Financial LLC works as a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)  in the capacity of a fiduciary, as per the "Investment Advisors Act of 1940". As an RIA we operate on a fee basis and do not sell any investment products for commission.

This means you pay a fee for advice only.  We do not charge commissions.  100% of our revenue is the fees paid by our clients. We do not derive any revenue from any other sources such as broker-dealers or mutual funds.

A “Fiduciary” has the power and duty to act for another, under circumstances that require the utmost good faith, trust and honesty. Generally considered to be the highest standards of conduct under the law, fiduciary duties require one to act and serve solely on behalf of another party, in that other party’s best interest, rather than for the benefit of the advisor and his or her own compensation.


An RIA such as Bristol Financial LLC is regulated directly under the SEC by the Commissioner of  Securities of the State of Missouri and governed by the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.